JorZine - SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Stream New Track, Album Cover Unveiled

SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Stream New Track, Album Cover Unveiled


More than a decade later, Finnish funeral doomsters SHAPE OF DESPAIR are releasing a follow-up to Illusion's Play. And today is a big day because they are streaming the new song "Monotony Fields", taken from the new SHAPE OF DESPAIR album of the same name. Also today, the band revealed the album cover art and tracklist. So you can take a look at all of that good stuff below. As for the music, enjoy it HERE. It's a 10-minute song to whet your appetite.

Described by guitarist Jarno Salomaa: "The song which reflects the album and its atmosphere the most... a slow trip into the mind of desperation."


01. Reaching The Innermost
02. Monotony Fields
03. Descending Inner Night
04. The Distant Dream Of Life
05. Withdrawn
06. In Longing
07. The Blank Journey
08. Written In My Scars

Monotony Fields drops on June 15th worldwide, and on June 16th in North America through Season Of Mist.



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