JorZine - STONE SOUR - Streaming Metallica Cover Online

STONE SOUR - Streaming Metallica Cover Online


STONE SOUR have premiered their cover of METALLICA's classic tune "Creeping Death". The track is off of their upcoming Record Store Day EP Meanwhile In Burbank which you can grab this Saturday, April 18th. The EP also features covers of songs by BLACH SABBATH, KISS, JUDAS PRIEST and ALICE IN CHAINS. You can judge the band's rendition of the song after you listen to it here.



Singer Corey Taylor shared: "We wanted to show our respect for our influences with these covers and it wouldn't be complete without METALLICA."




EP tracks:

01. We Die Young [Alice In Chains cover]
02. Heading Out To The Highway [Judas Priest cover]
03. Love Gun [Kiss cover]
04. Creeping Death [Metallica cover]
05. Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath cover]








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