JorZine - VIN SINNERS - New Video Released

VIN SINNERS - New Video Released


Dubai-based Hard Rockers VIN SINNERS have shot a new video clip for the song "Return to Solace", taken from the band's debut album "An Element of Surprise". The video features the acclaimed Emirati singer Adel Farooq who performs Hindustani classical alaaps to add flavour to this Industrial Metal track. The song was written by the band's frontman and founder Vin in 1992 and was produced during June and July 2010 at The Playback Lounge Studio in Dubai, UAE. The song features guitar licks by both Atif Ali, co-producer of the album and Nelson Floyd, a former member of the band.

You can check "Return to Solace" video below or clicking HERE


Video launch coincides with VIN SINNERS entry into Indian market. The band recently released its debut album, the country's leading digital media distribution portal.

"While we've managed to bring in a set of people who come in and support us, we've always known that the opportunity is in showing the world our music and that meant putting together a video. With the boys and their schedules, we managed to put something together with the help of some great friends and we hope the fans like this. Aptly, we chose 'Return to Solace' to be our first music video because its also our oldest song" says Vin, frontman and founder of the band.

He added: "The release of this video also coincides with our launch on, India's leading digital distributor of music which is slated for July 16th. We believe a song like this will be well received in India and we are really looking forward to taking our music and our shows to Indian shores very soon".

VIN SINNERS debut album "An Element of Surprise" was recently reviewed by JorZine. You can check the album's review clicking HERE


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