JorZine - NADER SADEK - Egypt Concert Details Revealed, Collaboration With Glen Benton And Jason Suecof

NADER SADEK - Egypt Concert Details Revealed, Collaboration With Glen Benton And Jason Suecof


Multi-media Egyptian artist NADER SADEK has announced finally a concert in Cairo, Egypt. The long awaited event will take place at El Sawy Culturewheel on April 19th, and also will feature the Egyptian Metalcore band MEPHOSTOPHILIS as special guests. The profits of the ticket sales will go to charity to support the Orphanage of Naga Hamadi.


His band will consist of Orestis Nalmpantis (SARISSA), Tom Geldschläger (OBSCURA), Seth Van de Loo (SEVERE TORTURE), Attila Csihar (MAYHEM) Hannes Grossmann (NECROPHAGIST) and the Egyptian bassist Dimitry Khoury (MEPHOSTOPHILIS). The latter will also take part in the band's concert at Netherlands' Neurotic Deathfest two days before. 


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



NADER SADEK has revealed earlier that he is recently collaborating with the legendary vocalist and bassist Glen Benton (DEICIDE, VITAL REMAINS), and the record producer, mixer and guitarist Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM) in his upcoming release.


He posted the following statement about it: “I MUST BE THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Not only did I get rid of some very bad vibes, but immediately after I got THE BIGGEST opportunity of my life. It’s funny how people spend time trolling me and telling people to unlike and unfriend me, in the meantime, here I am with Glen Benton and Jason Suecof (wuv u nipples), putting together what I truly believe is far greater than anything else I’ve released. Glen was unbelievably professional, kind, appreciative, and funny, he made very minimal changes to the patterns that I wrote but they were done with such great taste and precision!!! I can’t believe Glen Benton is singing my lyrics!!! LIFE !! WHERE WILL U TAKE ME NEXT???? BEST 3 days of my life spent in a PRO studio, with a swimming pool in Sanford, Florida!! Working with easy people, it feels great to be appreciated! And not trying to constantly make my life miserable and being ungrateful for what I am capable of providing them!! I have many HUGE announcements to make soon, so keep dem eyes PEEEEEEEEEEEEELED!”


This collaboration comes after the dramatic changes the project faced in the last month, as all the former line up -including Travis Ryan, Martin Rygiel, Flo Mounier, and Rune Eriksen- have expressed that they no longer want to be associated with the project and quited it, but it seems it didn’t take NADER SADEK much time get back on track and recruit new musicians to work on the new release.



You can listen to NADER SADEK discography on the artist's SoundCloud Page


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