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ORJUWAN - New Album Online


The Jordanian Progressive Metal project ORJUWAN has released its long awaited new album "Dual Devotion". It took "Dual Devotion" seven years after its completion to be released, including 10 tracks of atmospheric conceptual music, and offering multiple styles.


You can listen to "Dual Devotion" in its entirety clicking HERE





01. Beyond The Horizon
02. Forgotten Landscapes
03. Back to the Heart
04. Dreams Collapsed
05. Empty Nights And Days
06. Minor Arsenal Major Belief
07. Glorious Dawn (Primordial Cover)
08. Born On A Neighboring Soil
09. Dual Devotion
10. Remembrance



Waseem EsSayed -the mind behind ORJUWAN and producer of Jordanian metallers BILOCATE- commented: "Dual Devotion carries a significant socio-political concept, relevant to holding a multi-dimensional devotion towards nations of origins (on one hand), and living (on the other)".


He also said that the album has been postponed for a long time due to arranging massive plans to deliver the meaning of it. He added that however, it could be a good step to unleash the audio part now. It's being self-released directly by the artist. All the music, recording, mixing, and publishing has been done by Waseem EsSayed himself.


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