JorZine - METAL EAST FEST - Fundraising Campaing Launched After Forced Cancellation

METAL EAST FEST - Fundraising Campaing Launched After Forced Cancellation


After the forced cancellation of the latest edition of Metal East Fest, a group of goodwill unknown individuals have launched a fundrasing campaign in support of the organization. As they state on the project's Facebook Page, they aim at supporting the organization on recovering part of the money invested in the concert. You can collaborate with this campaign making a Paypal contribution through this LINK


The organizers commented the following about this campaign: "[This is] Just unbelievable!! These guys are so amazing for doing this! We would like to thank all of you for the support it means a lot to us that you guys care about JoScene & Metal East. It will always be an honor for us to work for the scene. Thank you so much."



The event, which was going to take place on Saturday 6th March in Dubai, UAE was cancelled by the authorities due to unknown reasons. It was going to be headlined by Polish Death Metal masters VADER, who were going to play in the region for the first time ever. The event also featured German metallers STEEL ENGRAVED and the Dubai-based Metal bands VOICE OF THE SOUL, BENEVOLENT, ARAMAIC and VERDICT


The organization commented about the festival's cancellation: "We are very disappointed to inform you that for some "unknown" reasons, the venue didn't get the permission for the event. Due to that big issue... We are VERY sorry to inform you that the event got CANCELLED. We know that it's a big disappointment for all of us but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, what happened is out of our hands. We are sorry for that again". They added: "We tried our best to find something else, they didn't tell us why they rejected it and we still have no idea!! The government didn't explain the reasons behind the rejection. The bands are already here in Dubai and we are very disappointed for this after we were looking for it!"


Muhammad Jaber, one of the event's mastermind, was interviewed by Rock Era Magazine shortly after the concert's cancellation. You can read it clicking HERE


A picture featuring members of VADER, STEEL ENGRAVED, ARAMAIC and VERDICT standing next to Dubai's Burj Al Khalifa can be seen as follows:



In order to compensate fans for having the event cancelled, the organizers set up a meet & greet for VADER and STEEL ENGRAVED at Barry for Electronics & Audioworks. A pic of it, courtesy of BENEVOLENT, can be seen at the band's Facebook Page


Both Metal East and JoScene, the organizations behind Metal East Fest, have a long and reliable list of successfully organized events in the UAE. They have taken to that country several internationally renowned Metal bands such as KRISIUN, LAKE OF TEARS and GRAVE, as well as many bands from all over the Middle East region such as Jordan's BILOCATE, Iran's KAHTMAYAN, ARRIVL and THUNDER and the Lebanese bands KIMAERA and ROSWELL


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