JorZine - KARA CEPHE - New Album Details Revealed

KARA CEPHE - New Album Details Revealed


The Turkish Industrial Metal band KARA CEPHE has finally revealed the title of their debut full length album called "Unutulanlar". The album, which means "The Forgotten" in English, will be released on CD format on March 2015 by Corvus Records / Bulgaria.


The album witnesses the band’s transition from a pure industrial act to a more electric sound, showing a wide diversity of influences going from 80’s New Wave and Post-Punk to old school Death Metal and Gothic Rock.





1. Doksan Dereceler
2. Unutma
3. Ölüm
4. Kuraklik
5. Gök-Mezar
6. Anadolu
7. Cellatlar Diyari
8. Unutulanlar


The band commented on its Facebook Page: "We wrote the album in 2 months and spent the 8 following months recording, looking for new sounds, trying to make it all work together (what a Frankenstein's monster it was) and we are completely satisfied with the result! James Plotkin's (Khanate, OLD, Jodis) mastering just put the icing on the cake".


The band has also confirmed that they will upload a teaser of the whole album soon.


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