JorZine - WITCHFEST FESTIVAL - Forced To Change Venues After Religious Protests

WITCHFEST FESTIVAL - Forced To Change Venues After Religious Protests


A South African metal festival, WITCHFEST FESTIVAL OPEN AIR 2015, has been forced to switch venues reportedly after complaints from a local Christian group. The festival is set to feature big names such as EPICA, CANNIBAL CORPSESEPTICFLESHDECAPITATEDALESTORMFLESHGODAPOCALYPSEKATAKLYSMBELPHEGORABORTED, HATEBREED and more in April. It's self-proclaimed as the biggest metal festival ever to take place on African soil. WITCHFEST was due to take place on farmland in the North West Province town of Hartbeespoort from April 2nd-6th. But it's been moved to Lanseria, midway between Pretoria and Johannesburg. The organizers promise they will not give in to the protests.

The festival released the following statement about the change of venue: "Well as always you need to be ready to roll with the punches. Witchfest Festival was dealt another blow (non lethal) this past week. It appears the forgiving and accepting nature of the Hartebeespoort Christian community is on holiday. They have been harassing the venue / farmers to the point that we were told, either your fork out 3 million and buy the farm or leave. Well we have left... Now for the good news. We have secured a new venue in the Lanseria area. This means we will offer a free shuttle service from Lanseria Airport to the new venue.

"There are accommodation options available. With a shuttle service (3min from airport). Camping is still available. All tickets are still valid. By next week Thursday the new artwork and ad campaigns will begin with the new venue details. Anyone who had booked or made plans down Hartebeespoort side, please email us and we will assist to get you set up this side: We have decided to announce new venue next week, that way it is not part of this specific topic. They will try, but they will always fail... Witchfest is coming. Nothing you can do about that..."


You can find out more about the fest here.

Source : Metalstorm


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