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SCARAB - Song From New Album Online


Egyptian Death metallers SCARAB have posted a song titled "Pyramid of Illusions" taken from their upcoming album "Serpents of the Nile". The new album will be released worldwide on 6th March through the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions.


You can listen to "Pyramid of Illusions" clicking HERE




1. Calling Forth the Ancient Spirits of Kemet
2. Visions of a Blood River
3. Spells of Coming Forth by Day
4. Serpents of the Nile
5. Pyramid of Illusions
6. Funeral Pharaoh
7. The Afterlife Illusions
8. Days of a Burial Mask



"Serpents of the Nile" is brutal, heavy and rich, with enchanting melodies brought up from the land of the ancient spirits Kemet, Egypt. It holds a message of freedom and oneness, an evocation of a rebellion breaking self made limitations that we create as individuals within ourselves. The album has been recorded and mixed at Alan Hurley's Studio in Cairo, Egypt. It has been mastered in Poland at the world-renowned Hertz Studio by the Wieslawski Bros, who have previously worked with the likes of DECAPITATED, BEHEMOTH, VADER and many others. The artwork was designed by Rusalkadesign.


Pre-orders for limited edition digipack CD are available on the label's BandCamp Page



In other news, the band has recently announced that they are currently working on a video for the new album's title song. More information about it will be available soon.


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