JorZine - SYRIAN METAL IS WAR - To Be Screened At Norient Musikfilm Festival In Switzerland

SYRIAN METAL IS WAR - To Be Screened At Norient Musikfilm Festival In Switzerland


Monzer Darwish's independent documentary "Syrian Metal Is War" will be screened at Switzerland's Norient Musikfilm Festival. In this documentary, the Syrian Metal movement is addressed through the war that struck Syria in 2011 and is still ongoing to this very day, it identifies with both musicians and fans of Metal in Syria and features their stories in a simple and flowing dialogue focusing only on the music and struggles, regardless of any orientations.


A rough cut of the film will be screened on 17th January 2015, as part of the third festival block, which is dedicated to the subject war. On the festival, a 35-minute rough sample of the film is going to be screened, to kick off film promotion for the final cut of the film which will run about 100 minutes and premiere closer to summer. Apart from that, director Monzer Darwish will be connected to the audience via Skype.


You can watch a trailer of "Syrian Metal Is War" as follows:



The 6th edition of the Norient Musikfilm Festival is going to happen from January 15 to 18 2015 in Bern and St. Gallen, Switzerland. From over 150 movies, Norient has selected eleven to screen at the next edition. There will be documentaries, experimental movies and audio features about music worldwide.


Tickets for "Syrian Metal Is War" can be reserved clicing HERE



Director Monzer Darwish has recently posted an article about the concept behind "Syrian Metal Is War". You can read it clicking HERE


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