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PENTAGRAM - Announce Live Album


Turkish Heavy Metal giants PENTAGRAM have announced a new live album titled "Live MMXIV". The album, which will be released on CD and DVD, will be available on physical format on 19th December through Sony Music Türkiye. It features live tracks of the 10 songs of the band's latest studio album "MMXII", all of them recorded on different locations.


"Live MMXIV" is available for purchasing on digital format clicking HERE





01. Sand (Jolly Joker, 21 Eylul 2013 Ankara)
02. Nevermore (222 Park, 7 Mart 2013 Eskisehir)
03. Geçmişin Yükü (Parkorman Goldfest, 4 Temmuz 2012 Istanbul)
04. Beyond Insanity (Zeytinli Rock Festivali, 31 Agustos 2014 Balikesir)
05. Doğmadan Önce (Jolly Joker, 21 Eylul 2013 Ankara)
06. Wasteland (ITU Stadyum Metallica By Request, 13 Temmuz 2014 Istanbul)
07. Dawn Again (Parkorman Goldfest, 4 Temmuz 2012 Istanbul)
08. Disturbing the Peace (Dream TV Studyo, 5 Ocak 2013 Istanbul)
09. Uzakta (Garajistanbul, 19 Ekim 2014 Istanbul)
10. Apokalips (Garajistanbul, 27 Haziran 2014 Istanbul)



"MMXII" was the PENTAGRAM's first full length album with Gökalp Ergen as vocalist, who joined the band after Murat Ilkan's departure in 2010. The album's recording, mixing and mastering sessions took place at Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey.


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