JorZine - NOCTURNA - New Album Teaser Online

NOCTURNA - New Album Teaser Online


Lebanese Melodic Death metallers NOCTURNA have posted a teaser of their upcoming album titled "The Gates of Peirah". The album, which will be the band's debut, has been mixed and mastered at Viron Studios. The artwork was designed by Ivan Abou Debs.


You can check "The Gates of Peirah" teaser clicking HERE





1. Herald of My Happiness
2. Torn Asunder
3. Ode to thy Mournful Departure
4. Vindictive Storm
5. Whispers of a Sleepless Night
6. The Gates of Peirah
7. The Last Fall
8. Frozen Sun
9. A Cannibal Rose



"The Gates of Peirah" is expected to be released in early 2015. More information about the album will be revealed soon.


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