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HECATE - New Album Online


Egyptian Extreme metallers HECATE have set their new album titled "The Order Of The Black Light" for streaming and digital purchasing. Physical copies will be available on 24th November via Winterwolf Records. "The Order of the Black Light" has been mixed and mastered in Frost Lair Studio.


You can listen to "The Order Of The Black Light" in its entirety clicking HERE




1. At the borders of Infinity.
2. When Eternity Dwells In Frost.
3. Mighty Warrior.
4.The Order Of The Black Light.
5. Infernal War.
6. Nazarean.
7. Signs Of Horns.
8. Downfall.


The band is the side-project of multi instrumentalist Lord Mist (FROSTAGRATH, HATEFUL DESOLATION) and vocalist Zander Adam (DESTINY IN CHAINS).

You can read our interview with Lord Mist clicking HERE


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