JorZine - VORTEX OF CLUTTER - New Album Released

VORTEX OF CLUTTER - New Album Released


Turkish Technical Death metallers VORTEX OF CLUTTER have just released their new album titled "Eclipse Of Reason Beyond Time". The album, which is the band's second full length, has been released via Wormholedeath Records.


Two tracks from the new album can be heard clicking HERE and HERE





01. Spectre
02. Rise of the Ghosts
03. Waltz of the Living Dead
04. Simple Broken Man
05. Eclipse
06. Dying Star
07. Death’s Smile
08. Have Fun
09. Salvation / Solution
10. Cannibal Holocaust
11. Conquerors of the Sun



The band commented about the new album: “After releasing our first album in 2011 we have come a long way. Following several EP’s and single releases we are releasing our second full length album which shows a much more furious side of ours. Our second album 'Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time', which we have put so much effort and thought into, will be released by Wormholedeath Records in December 2014. We are grateful to Wormholedeath Records for helping us spread the metal sound of Istanbul to the world.“


Wormholedeath Records stated: “We are doing well through the Turkish scene and the best bands from the country are all signing with us, this is a matter of facts. I will let the music do the talking here but I just want to affirm that when we got this record for our review we have been blown away by the advanced band’s technique and professional approach they have. The awesome production of the tracks even enhanced the band’s skills to the american levels. This is definately a MUST for all lovers of technical and brutal death metal fans. Don’t lose the chance to check VORTEX OF CLUTTER out…They rule!!!”


VORTEX OF CLUTTER's previous releases are available for free download on the band's Official Website


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