JorZine - THE HOURGLASS - New Album Tracklist Announced

THE HOURGLASS - New Album Tracklist Announced


Syrian Heavy metallers THE HOURGLASS have announced the tracklist of their upcoming album titled "Canaana And Aramu". The album will be part of a trilogy of concept albums called "Gods And Warriors Of The Fertile Crescent". The band has explained on its Facebook Page the concept behind each song. As we previously reported, the album will be focused on the myths and stories of ancient Canaan, specially on Ugarit myths and stories of Phoenicia and Aram.





01. Baal The Conqueror (Rider On The Clouds)
02. Ugaritic Bow Of Aqhat
03. The Lad of Lord EL
04. The Sea Peoples Invade
05. In The Name Of Molokh
06. The Siege of Tyre (The Fall of Phoenicia)
07. Elissar (Phoenician Queen of Carthage)
08. Aram-Damascus (Twelve Kings In Alliance)
09. Hyksos – Rulers Of Foreign Lands
10. The Gates (Ebla, Qatna and Mari) [Instrumental]



Guitarist and founder Rawad Abdel Massih commented about this new trilogy: "This trilogy will focus on the native history and mythology of this region that started the human civilization in every sense of the word, yet it is now passing through the darkest times of internal wars, foreign occupation and civil ignorance"

He added: "This is a very long term plan, so we will focus on "God And Warriors Of The Fertile Crescent - Part I: Canaan". We will use scrpts of those ancient myths and I will share some with you on the page. We are talking here about the history of the Levant [from] 2000-322 B.C., so the songs will be epic, and the lyrics will be very interesting. And according to the budget, international artists could join making this album.

Logically, I should start with "Mesopotamia" before "Canaan", becaise it is an older mythology (2000 years older), but I guess because I'm Syrian and because of all the shit that happened to Iraq, I couldn't visit Iraq until today, [so] that's why I'm more attached to the Canaanite mythology more than the Mesopotamian. But still they are very similar mythologies and both were hugely influential in creating the first monolith religion, Judaism".



The band recently revealed its new logo and band's symbol, which can be seen above. It is inspired on the 8 pointed star in the star of Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. Inside the star there is a circle which symbolizes the sun and down facing crescent symbolizes the geographical posicion of the Fertile Crescent. The outer pointed circle symbolizes protection at the same time it has 12 edges which symbolizes a clock and which relates to the name of the band: THE HOURGLASS. It was illustrated by Hamood Hallak.


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