JorZine - BRUTUS - Announce Split Up

BRUTUS - Announce Split Up


Egyptian Death metallers BRUTUS have announced that their time as a band has come to an end. Despite the fact that it was announced last week, we didn't want this to go unnoticed. It seems that the main reasons behind this has been the difficulty of keeping the band on the track due to the departure of a member and the fact that another one is currently living outside Egypt.


The band's guitarist Timur Reda posted the following statement at the band's Facebook Page: "I would like to officially announce my resignation from the band. In light of current events, and the relationship between each of the band members, it's the end of the road for this project. [...] I believe that we have taken this band as far as we could, considering the circumstances and the mind set of the individuals involved in this project, the only unfortunate aspect being the inability of us to put on a live show for our fans that really wanted to see us perform on stage.

I consider myself to have been lucky to work with the guys in the band over the last several years [...] thank you [guys] for making this ride enjoyable and an unforgettable one; definitely will be etched in my archives as part of Egyptian metal music history. Do not expect a reincarnation of this band in its present or any other form any time in the future - BRUTUS has been finally laid to rest. Out of respect to all, I don't think anyone can be replaced, or capture the chemistry that we had as a unit [...].


It was never about popularity, or status, or any form of was pure fun; I just wanted to have something for myself, and the chance to share my efforts with everyone or anyone who cared enough to listen."



The guitarist has also announced that the band's debut album from 2010 "All Roads Lead To Rome" will soon be available for purchasing, as well as their latest EP from 2013 titled "Villains" if is there enough demand for it. He also revealed that he will be back to the scene next year, involved with other projects and some new musicians.


You can read JorZine's review of the band's latest effort "Villains" clicking HERE


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