JorZine - MEGADETH - Enter Studio In January, To Auction Decades Of Tour Memorabilia

MEGADETH - Enter Studio In January, To Auction Decades Of Tour Memorabilia


Megadeth's frontman Dave Mustaine has recently revealed that the band is gearing up to start recording the follow-up to 2013's Super Collider album. Speaking to the "Classic Rock Magazine Show", at Classic Rock Roll Of Honour event at the Avalon in Hollywood, California, Mustaine said: "We're commencing the writing process right now and we're going to start [recording] in January of next year. We'll be touring in August with a very huge English metal band in the States and South America, and we're hoping to get our record out sometime in the summer." 

So, it seems like the demo ideas the band began tracking earlier this year will finally come to fruition.


In other Megadeth news, the band will auction memorabilia online. The historical online auction event will feature 100s of pieces of Megadeth tour memorabilia, including 20 tour and studio guitars belonging to Dave Mustaine.

Backstage Auctions presents a one of kind online auction event featuring decades of Megadeth tour memorabilia. "It simply doesn't get any more real and authentic than this - especially with the collection coming directly from Megadeth" explains Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool. The event is titled Megadeth - The Countdown To Extinction Auction.

The auction will feature flight and wardrobe cases, amps, cabinets, gear, guitars, picks and strings, apparel, set lists, lyrics, tour programs, ephemera, signed items and a whole lot more. There is even a pair of tour used Vic Rattlehead combat boots.

Definitely a highlight of the auction are the guitars, each one having its own history and story to tell. "The selection of guitars in this auction is what Dave Mustaine and Megadeth fans could have only hoped for and dreamed of", comments van Gool. "Dave has been very generous with the instruments that he has decided to make available to the fans and collectors. He wants to make sure that his personal items end up with his fans, who will treasure them as he has". In addition to two double-neck 12 & 6-string V guitars, there is a host of highly recognizable signature model guitars, including the "Angel Of Deth", "Fear" and "Gears Of War", as well as the equally infamous black and silver V guitars. Some of the guitars are the first ever build models.

Equally impressive are the original stage back drops from Megadeth tours dating back to the 90s, tons of guitar strings - packed with not only the guitar pick but also the date and location of the show is noted on each package, "Big Four" t-shirts from various countries and custom made Megadeth road cases - complete with the Megadeth stamp, custom plaque and most have been personally signed by Mustaine.

The online auction starts on December 1st and will run through December 7th. A special VIP All Access preview of the entire auction catalog will be available online beginning Saturday, November 22nd and is open to fans and collectors worldwide. For more information and to register for a VIP All Access Pass for the Megadeth auction event visit

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