JorZine - NERVECELL - Vocalist/Bassist James Khazaal To Not Take Part On Upcoming European Tour

NERVECELL - Vocalist/Bassist James Khazaal To Not Take Part On Upcoming European Tour


Dubai-based Death metallers NERVECELL have announced that their vocalist/bassist James Khazaal will not take part on the band's upcoming Psychogenocide European tour. As the band stated on its Facebook Page, the decision was taken after he had his visa for Europe declined. For the band's upcoming dates in Europe, James will be replaced on vocals by the band's sound engineer Serge Lutfi (ARAMAIC, ABHORRED).


The band commented about this issue: "This being a last minute situation has not been an easy decision for the band to make [...]. The easy way would have been to cancel all the shows we have scheduled but we decided not to. A lot of work has gone into booking these shows and we feel the right thing to do here especially for our European fans is to push forward… [...] We’ve known Serge for years and we trust he is the right guy to handle the job."


James Khazaal added: "Its unfortunate due to reasons beyond my control, reason regarding the present world situation that I am unable to join the band on this tour. Cancelling the shows is not an option, the shows must and will go on!"



These are the dates of Psychogenocide European Tour:


Nov 15th: Crash of Demolition Festival – Dresden, Germany
Nov 16th: Ground Zero 2014 – Tilburg, Netherlands
Nov 21st: Met Bar – Lenzburg, Switzerland
Nov 22nd: Metal Infection XV - Karlsruhe, Germany
Nov 23rd: Augsburg, Germany
Nov 24th: Backstage – Munich, Germany
Nov 29th: Jam Night Festival – Marchtrenk, Austria



NERVECELL recently signed a record deal with the North American label Unique Leader Records. The label was formed by the members of the band DEEDS OF FLESH and it is specialized in Death Metal bands, mostly of the brutal or technical vein. As we previously reported, the band is currently working on their upcoming album, as yet untitled. The recording sessions are taking place at Barry Kassab's studio in Dubai, UAE. The band's new album will follow up "Psychogenocide", the band's highly acclaimed album from 2011.


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