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EXCIMER - New Album Online


Egyptian thrashers EXCIMER have set their new album titled "Thrash From Fire" for FREE DOWNLOAD. The album, which is composed of 8 tracks, includes a cover of KREATOR's song "Cry War". The new opus follows up the band's debut EP from 2013 "Serial Killer". The band also released a few months ago a 2-track single titled "Red Planet 2 (Hell on Earth)".


"Thrash From Fire" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD clicking HERE





1. Hell On Earth
2. Victims Of Plague
3. Provoke The Slaughter
4. War Terror
5. The Curse Of Seth
6. Apocalypse
7. Thrash From Fire
8. Cry War (Kreator Cover)



EXCIMER was formed in Alexandria, Egypt in June 2013. The band is mainly influenced by the NWOBHM and by the early Thrash Metal bands. You can listen to its previous releases clicking HERE


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