JorZine - GULF BIKE WEEK - Get The Chance To Win A Free Ticket!

GULF BIKE WEEK - Get The Chance To Win A Free Ticket!


JorZine and Rocktane Management give you the chance to win TWO FREE TICKETS for GULF BIKE WEEK. The event, powered by Discovery Channel, will feature two exciting music stages bringing you the wildest ever choice of bands and musical styles (and yes, there's place for Metal bands too!). With 15 bands playing 31 sets over the three days, GULF BIKE WEEK is now positioned as a leading festival taking place in the heart of Dubai, UAE from Thursday 30th October to Saturday 1st November. Just answer two simple questions and get the chance to win a one-day ticket for free!


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Thursday 30th October


5.30pm - Core 304
6.45pm - RiffRaff
8.00pm - U2 Gulf
9.15pm - The Boxtones


Friday 31st October


2.45pm - Joe van Wyk
4.00pm - Kicksound
5.15pm - Riff Raff
6.30pm - Skreemin Egulz
7.45pm - U2 Gulf

Saturday 1st November

2.00pm - Shamal
3.30pm - Kicksound
5.00pm - Core 304
6.30pm - Eon Haze
8.00pm - The Boxtones




Thursday 30th October


6.15pm - Fat Randall
7.30pm - Tartarus
8.45pm - Benevolent
10.00pm - Coat of Arms


Friday 31st October

2.15pm - Skreemin Egulz
3.30pm - Core 304
4.45pm - Daisygrim
6.00pm - Fat Randall
7.15pm - When the Night Comes
8.30pm - Nikotin
9.45pm - Tartarus

Saturday 1st November

2.30pm - Skreemin Egulz
3.45pm - Daisygrim
5.00pm - When the Night Comes
6.15pm - Nikotin
7.30pm - Coat of Arms
8.45pm - Skreemin Egulz



Alongside the fantastic daily music offering is the Middle East’s largest bike exhibition, the biggest Bike Parade, and the region’s only Custom Bike Competition, stunt shows & much more... Join GULF BIKE WEEK and enjoy great food & beverage with a range of entertainment for adults and kids in beautiful green surroundings.


More information about GULF BIKE WEEK can be found clicking HERE


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