JorZine - EXODUS - New Album Streaming Online In Full

EXODUS - New Album Streaming Online In Full


"Blood In, Blood Out" is about to be released through Nuclear Blast Records. That's EXODUS' new album in case you have been distracted. But why wait any longer? You can hear the new EXODUS record right now in full right here via the YouTube player below because the thrash veterans just premiered the whole thing online.

So, how do you see "Blood In, Blood Out"? Is it better than their last album "Exhibit B: The Human Condition", for instance?


01. Black 13 feat. Dan The Automator (0:00)
02. Blood In, Blood Out (6:20)
03. Collateral Damage (10:02)
04. Salt The Wound feat. Kirk Hammett (15:30)
05. Body Harvest (19:55)
06. BTK feat. Chuck Billy (26:23)
07. Wrapped In The Arms of Rage (33:19)
08. My Last Nerve (37:49)
09. Numb (44:00)
10. Honor Killings (50:14)
11. Food For The Worms (55:56)

Source : Metalstorm


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