JorZine - HECATOMB - 'Face The Live Chaos DVD' Online

HECATOMB - 'Face The Live Chaos DVD' Online


Turkish Death metallers HECATOMB have posted their DVD "Face The Live Chaos" on YouTube. The video shows the band's concert at EgeRockDer 1st Anniversary show, which took place on 13th October 2012 in Izmir, Turkey. The DVD was originally released on December 2012 through Coffinfeeder Distro. The event was headlined by Greek Extreme Metal masters ROTTING CHRIST.


You can watch "Face The Live Chaos DVD" clicking HERE





1. Barbaric Rape + Warwound
2. Swarm Of Catalyst
3. Panzer Torture
4. Humanimal Race
5. Mighty Chaos
6. Face The Dreading End



"Face The Live Chaos DVD" is available for purchasing clicking HERE


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