JorZine - NERVECELL - Announce Concert In Germany

NERVECELL - Announce Concert In Germany


Dubai-based Death metallers NERVECELL have announced their participation on Germany's Chronical Moshers Open Air. The event will take place from 12th to 14th June 2015 in Hauptmannsgrün, Germany. They will be sharing the stage with several world-known Metal bands such as ATROCITY, DEW SCENTED, HATE and IMPALED NAZARENE, among many others. As the band commented on its Facebook Page, more tour dates in Europe will be announced soon.


More information about Chronical Moshers Open Air can be found clicking HERE



As we previously reported, the band has recently signed a record deal with the North American label Unique Leader Records. The band is currently working on their upcoming album, as yet untitled. The recording sessions are taking place at Barry Kassab's studio in Dubai, UAE. The new album will follow up "Psychogenocide", the band's highly acclaimed album from 2011.


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