JorZine - PERVERSION - New Album Artwork Revealed

PERVERSION - New Album Artwork Revealed


Dubai-based Death metallers PERVERSION have revealed the artwork of their upcoming album titled "Apotheosis of Suffering". The artwork was designed by Jon Zig (SUFFOCATION, DISGORGE, DEEDS OF FLESH) from a layout done by Ahmet and guitarist Mahmud Gecekusu. The new album follows up the band's debut full length album from 2013 "Pillars of the Enlightened".


"Apotheosis of Suffering" artwork can be seen as follows:



As we previously reported, the band will be performing at Metal Eastern Night Vol. 3, which will take place on Saturday 27th September at The Music Room in Dubai, UAE. They will be sharing the stage with Iranian Oriental metallers KAHTMAYAN and with the local Metal bands BENEVOLENT and SVENGALI


PERVERSION's debut full length album "Pillars of the Enlightened" can be heard on its entirety clicking HERE


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