JorZine - KAHTMAYAN - To Play In Dubai

KAHTMAYAN - To Play In Dubai


Iranian Oriental metallers KAHTMAYAN have been announced for Dubai's Metal Eastern Night Vol. 3. The event will take place on Saturday 27th September at The Music Room in Dubai, UAE. They will be sharing the stage with the UAE-based bands BENEVOLENT, PERVERSION and SVENGALI. This will be the band's first performance ever outside Iran.


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



The band is currently working on its upcoming album titled "Risen From The Ashes". The album, which includes 9 songs, will be the band's third full length release. It will be the band's first non-instrumental album and it will show KAHTMAYAN's particular style with a heavy Oriental/Persian influence in the melodies and percussions.


Two tracks from the new album called "Amen" and "Dark Old Skies" can be heard clicking HERE and HERE


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