JorZine - MORIBUND OBLIVION - Concert In Ukraine Cancelled

MORIBUND OBLIVION - Concert In Ukraine Cancelled


Turkish Black metallers MORIBUND OBLIVION have been forced to cancel their upcoming concert in Ukraine at UzhGoreRot Festival. The reasons behind the cancellation are the ongoing civil war which is taking place in the country and the safety warnings from Turkey's Ministry of Culture.


The band posted the following statement on its Facebook Page: "We started to play in festivals and local gigs [in support of] our new album "TURK" a while ago and first we played in Germany's UTBS Festival and after that we had [the] Russia Tour. In our schedule, the next gig was Uzhgorerot Festival but we wanna say that we are sorry we can't come to play because of the civil war. Although festival area is announced [as a] safe zone, Turkish Ministry of Culture finds it risky. We apologize to all Ukranian metalheads and our fans due to reasons beyond our control. We hope all bad situations will end and we can continue to rock."

As we previously reported, the band's new album "Turk" will be released on 19th September through Dott Music and SPV Records. A video from the new album's track "Soil" can be watched clicking HERE



UzhGoreRot Festival will take place on Saturday 6th September at Phantom Night Club in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. The line up includes several European Extreme Metal bands, such as Polish PARRICIDE, Slovakian Death metallers CONTEMPT our Austrian VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC, as well as some Ukrainian bands as DYSPHORIA, CRYPT OF SILENCE, FORCEOUT, SPIT BILE and SKRUTA.


More information about UzhGoreRot Festival can be found clicking HERE


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