JorZine - RESET STRING - New Album Available For Streaming And Free Download

RESET STRING - New Album Available For Streaming And Free Download


The Kuwaiti Alternative Rock / Grunge band RESET STRING has set its new album "Ancient Future" for streaming and free download. The album, which is the band's first full length, has been recorded at Awesome K Studios and has been mixed and mastered by Khaled Al Mansour.


You can listen to "Ancient Future" and download it for free clicking HERE





01. O.P.D. (Obsessive Personality Disorder)
02. Queen Paranoia
03. Pick Me Up
04. Monkey Walk
05. Ghosts
06. Sepahan
07. Going Nuts
08. The Last Rhino
09. Think Twice
10. Color Blind
11. Majesty



RESET STRING was founded in Kuwait in 2010 by Khalid Waleed (BIKES N DAPS) and Fahad Al-Khalidi. The two individuals contemplated the idea of starting a Grunge band that would bring back the sound of the 1990s to its rightful place. After recording two songs called "Going Nuts" and "Ghosts", the band recruited Wahab Al Kandery and Husain Al Harbi and started working on their new album "Ancient Future".


The band has recently been announced for Metal Asylum Festival, which will take place on 26th December in Dubai, UAE. They will be sharing the stage with their compatriots FREEFALL as well as with several local bands.


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