JorZine - VOICE OF THE SOUL - Concert In Lebanon Announced

VOICE OF THE SOUL - Concert In Lebanon Announced


Dubai Progressive metallers VOICE OF THE SOUL have announced a concert in Beirut, Lebanon. The concert will take place on Saturday 4th October at Yukunkun Club, in Gemmayze. In this concert, which will be the band's first performance ever in Lebanon, they will be sharing the stage with local Thrash metallers THRASHSTORM and with the Black Metal band DEATHLAM


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



As we previously reported, the band has recently announced a new album called "Catacombs". The album, which will be released on 28th September, features North American bassist/vocalist Egan O'Rourke (DAYLIGHT DIES) as guest on one song.


You can listen to a teaser of the new album clicking HERE


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