JorZine - VOICE OF THE SOUL - New Album Teaser Online, Release Date Announced

VOICE OF THE SOUL - New Album Teaser Online, Release Date Announced


UAE-based Progressive Death metallers VOICE OF THE SOUL have set 28th September as the release date of their new album. The band announced it on a teaser video, which also shows the new album's artwork. As we previously reported, the band's new album will feature bassist/vocalist Egan O'Rourke from the North American band DAYLIGHT DIES as guest. The new opus has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Haven Studio in Dubai, UAE and has been produced by Hadi Sarieddine.


VOICE OF THE SOUL new album's teaser can be seen as follows:



VOICE OF THE SOUL's new album will be their first full length album, and will follow up "Into Oblivion", the band's EP from 2011. As guitarist and long-time member Monish Shringi comments, “This album will explore new influences compared to past releases. It’s fast, destructive, and reaches newer milestones. Definitely our most diverse and enduring effort.”

Guitarist and frontman Kareem Chehayeb commented, “Having Egan [O'Rourke] involved with us is something I’m really excited about. I’m already ecstatic about recording the new material with Hadi, a good friend of mine, so having one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands just takes my excitement to a whole new level.”



The band's latest EP "Into Oblivion" is available for streaming clicking HERE


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