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SOUND OF RUBY - New Album Online


Saudi Experimental Punk rockers SOUND OF RUBY have set their new album titled "Serotonin" for streaming. Vocals and lead guitar has been recorded by Hani Taqi in Bahrain's Studio 77. The album has been mixed and mastered by Kamal K.


You can listen to "Serotonin" on its entirety clicking HERE





01. Escaped From My Skull
02. Abu Hadriyah Road
03. She Wants Me To Swim With Cocaine
04. Invisible Light
05. Babylon
06. Midnight
07. My Favorite Drill
08. Yarra River
09. Pokemons Are Punk
10. LSD
11. YA Sbai
12. It's A Beautiful Day To Kill You
13. Wants My Baby Back
14. Stephanie Tanner
15. Genius In Hell
16. Abu Hadriyah Road ( KAMAL MIX )



The band is dubbed as the first Saudi Rock band and has helped bringing the Saudi Rock scene to life by organizing local gigs as well as releasing some of its albums abroad. The band's vocalist/guitarist M. Al-Hajjaj has a side project called THE CAMEL.


SOUND OF RUBY's full discography, as well as all THE CAMEL's albums can be heard clicking HERE


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