JorZine - SIG:AR:TYR - To Begin Playing Live Shows

SIG:AR:TYR - To Begin Playing Live Shows


Canadian one-man blackened folk metal band SIG:AR:TYR is set to begin playing live shows. The band's mastermind Daemonskald posted the following: "After 10 years as the solitary musician behind SIG:AR:TYR, I'm proud to announce that it's time to embark on the next adventure for this entity... to the live stage. For many years I've been the proverbial basement musician, never venturing forth beyond releasing an album every few years. In the beginning, I never thought that what originally was just a small hobby project would turn into what it is, and after a demo and three full length albums, I have that deep inspiration inside and the feeling that the 'stars are right' to take this to the next level."


"I'd like to introduce my cohorts, guitarist Mike Grund and drummer Nicholas Ireland (from Battlesoul), and bassist Morgan Rider (from Vesperia). Together they will help me bring the sounds and atmosphere of SIG:AR:TYR to the live realm and keep the northern flames alive."


"Our first field of battle has just been announced, and we will be playing at the Winter is Coming Fest in New London, CT, on Sunday October 14th. I look forward to meeting old and new friends wherever we play. Fates wheel, is turning, my father, will guide my journey..."


Source: metalstorm. 


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