JorZine - HERA - Vocalist To Be Featured On Upcoming DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Album

HERA - Vocalist To Be Featured On Upcoming DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Album


Huwaida Habib from the Emirati one-woman Metal band HERA, will be featured on the upcoming album of DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT titled "Z2" as vocalist. She will be part of "The Universal Choir", were she will sing alongside other vocalists. As she posted on her band's Facebook Page a couple of days ago, she has signed a contract with Century Media Records to be part of the Canadian artist's new album.


She commented: "Happpy Eid everyone!! Today I'm happy to announce officially signed a contract with Century Media Records (Germany) to have my vocals featured on the upcoming DEVIN TOWNSEND album "Z2 Universal Choir" He is an amazing artist with the finest of musical minds, & it's a privilege to contribute in this upcoming masterpiece! Hope you all enjoy the holidays & again, Eid Mubarak!! Love, Huwaida"

You can listen to a demo version of Huwaida Habib's recordings for "Z2" clicking HERE



Canadian multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend is currently working on the new album of DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT called "Z2". As he did with the ‘Lucky Animals’ video from "Epicloud", he has invited fans to leave their stamp on the forthcoming album by asking them to submit their vocals for a selection of songs and take their spot in what he has dubbed ‘The Universal Choir’! For full details on what is it about and even a sneak peek at 3 songs from the new record, you can visit The Unversal Choir Website


Devin had this to say about this exciting project: “Hey all, Ziltoid 2 is upon us! I'm deep in the recording of this double album, and as part of the theme, Ziltoid the alien joins forces with the humans... and what better way to express that then to invite you all to sing along? The 'Universal Choir' is a platform in which vocal parts are explained, and then provides you a way to upload your singing contributions that we will edit together into one, big choir! The parts are a little tricky but perfection is not required, just enthusiasm. Feel free to overdub yourself, get a bunch of friends together or just yell along. The bigger, the better. Send it back and we will then assemble the 'Universal Choir' which will actually be part of the new recording. It should be fun! (Or a total chaotic mess :) but let's try either way! The website, (which works best if it's not on a mobile device), explains all the parts, with demonstrations and backing tracks. The hope is that a lot of people will upload themselves singing the parts, and then we assemble it and add it to the record. Come sing on Ziltoid’s album, and have a great time!”


As we previously reported, Huwaida Habib is currently working on her band's upcoming album, as yet untitled. A demo song from it titled "Unborn" can be heard clicking HERE


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