JorZine - TARTARUS - New EP Available For Streaming

TARTARUS - New EP Available For Streaming


UAE-based Black metallers TARTARUS have set their new EP titled "Of Grimness And Atrocity" for streaming. The EP was inspired by the hatred and depravity that we face, and that we embody. TARTARUS explores the themes of barbarity and debasement of the human spirit through its music and lyrics, exposing and exploring the dark side of human nature. The album art was done by the band and is taken from an ancient sculpture which represents the despicable atrocities of mythological gods.


The band's debut will be available on physical format through the Russian label Haarbn Records next month. It will be released as an 8-page jewelcase booklet and will be available for worldwide distribution.


"Of Grimness And Atrocity" can be heard on its entirety clicking HERE





1 - Seshot
2 - Axes (of Hatred)
3 - Cosmic Storms
4 - Of Grimness and Atrocity
5 - I am the Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)



“The songs on the EP are a direct reflection of that deep dark side in every human. The songs are meant to indicate to this hideous monster with in us manifested in music” said Zymolust Ravenson, TARTARUS’ front man.


Tartarus, in Greek mythology, is the kingdom of hell. It is also the name of a city on the Syrian coast which was Arabised to Tartous. The city was named by the Greeks around 900 B.C. for this city stood for what the Greeks feared the most in their mythologies and sagas, Tartarus” said Bader 'Ghocifer' Nauman, the band's bassist. Tartarus is also the city in which Ravenson was raised and lived and where Nauman originated from. 


According to Nauman, the pattern of any single one of the tracks on the EP is unpredictable and rich with a totally independent bass line, combined with diabolical vocals and enthusiastic drums. “This fusion enhances the entire EP to produce a real black, yet unique, atmosphere of what could be considered the start of a whole new wave of Black Metal in the Middle East. The music in general is unique but with a scent of old SATYRICON and a bit of MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL and GORGOROTH” he said.



The band was formed after long-time friends Ravenson of RAVENS THRONE and Bader ‘Ghocifer’ Nauman former member of BLASPHERION met in Dubai in late 2012. Both Ravenson and Nauman spent many years in Syria struggling against the mainstream to revive the Metal scene in the country through the one man project known as RAVENS THRONE. 


Ravenson and Nauman decided to form a Black metal band in the UAE as the genre was underrepresented in the UAE underground music scene. Nauman introduced Rippon (drummer) to Ravenson (vocalist and guitarist) and the darkness started accordingly. Kris Kudla (guitars) joined the band later in 2013.


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