JorZine - TARTARUS - Debut EP Details Revealed

TARTARUS - Debut EP Details Revealed


UAE-based Black metallers TARTARUS have revealed the details of their debut EP titled "Of Grimness And Atrocity". The band's new opus, which will be released on 31st July, will feature 4 tracks and a cover of the song "I am the Black Wizards" from the Norwegian Black Metal band EMPEROR.


The EP's artwork was designed by Dana Irvine and can be seen as follows:





1 - Seshot
2 - Axes (of Hatred)
3 - Cosmic Storms
4 - Of Grimness and Atrocity
5 - I am the Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)



A teaser video of "Of Grimness And Atrocity" can be watched clicking HERE


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