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ENSIFERUM - Making Of Video Online


Finnish folk metal group Ensiferum is offering a new look behind the scenes of the making of their new video for the song "In My Sword I Trust". The new song will be featured on their upcoming album Unsung Heroes, out on August 27th through Spinefarm Records, Check it over here.


Ensiferum saluted their fans and released this message: "Here is a short making of clip of our "In My Sword I Trust" music video shooting session with Grupa13 in Poland. The shoot took place in a really nice medieval castle and it went really well, even though it rained a lot. It was great to work with such a professional team and we were lucky to get such great actors to help us out. Thank you once again!"


"The video tells about how ordinary town people rise up and rebel against a greedy and cruel king and the upper class. There will be swords, corpses and drinking;  pretty much all you need for a great video! We are looking forward to presenting this new Ensiferum anthem to our fans around the world with the best music video we have ever made. Folk on!"


The new song "Burning Leaves" is still streaming over here.


Source: metalstorm. 


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