JorZine - AVULSED - Drummer Departs From The Band

AVULSED - Drummer Departs From The Band


Spanish extreme metal icons AVULSED have stated earlier that, they parted ways with their latest drummer Osckar Bravo, who was recruited two years ago. Osckar got to take part in their latest album "Ritual Zombi" that was released last year.


The band released this press statment earlier today: "After a reunion maintained yesterday between all members of the band, it was decided that Osckar Bravo, drummer of AVULSED since April 2012, leaves the band due to professional incompatibilities.

It was a decision, although meditated, very difficult for us, because there weren’t personal or musicianship factors involved, since Osckar, right after joined the band, quickly got integrated in the group and contributed to rise up the instrumental level of the band with his undeniable quality as a drummer.

AVULSED wants to thank Osckar Bravo in a very special way for letting us enjoy of his qualities as a musician and specially as a person in the over two years he’s been with us where he recorded one of the best albums of the band (“Ritual Zombi”) and sharing with us great moments during the shows we’ve played together and we’d like to wish him the best luck not only in his other band Nightfear, but in any other musical project he might get involved. He’s got plenty of quality for that!!

So, starting from today, AVULSED will search a replacement to get the vacant spot in a permanent way. We’ll let you know when we find a new drummer!!"



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