JorZine - FALLING LEAVES - Forced To Cancel Russian Tour

FALLING LEAVES - Forced To Cancel Russian Tour


Jordanian Melodic Doom/Death metallers FALLING LEAVES have been forced to cancel their Russian tour. The tour was going to take place from 14th to 20th May, and was going to be the band's first time ever in Russia.


The band posted the following statement on its Official Website: "With great regret we have to inform you that the Russian tour of FALLING LEAVES was canceled due to circumstances beyond the responsibility of the organizers and the band itself. Three of our members were detained by Russian Federation (Passport control) on May 13 at Domodedovo airport. Instead of letting them pass the border while they had a valid visa from Russian Embassy in Amman, they detained them in the room for those who violate the rules.

The vocalist (Aziz) the drummer (Rami) and the bassist (Seif) were kept arrested for two days without any clarification. Finally, on 15th May at 16:35 pm the three of our members were deported away from Domodedovo airport to Cairo, Egypt. Passport control officers did not even have a conversation with a representative of the travel company that had spent several hours at the airport. All documents confirming the legal activities of the travel agency were seized, reviewed and returned back without [any] comment.

Despite this situation, the rest of the band (Ala-Guitarist and Maria-Keyboardist) managed to perform one song from the album with the support of the musicians from [the Russian bands] STATION DYSTHYMIA and MARE INFINITUM, also featured at Moscow Doom Festival Chapter VII. We express our sincere gratitude to the organizers and all those who supported us in this hard situation. Still hope to visit Russia with concerts in the near future…"



FALLING LEAVES have posted a video of Ala Swalha and Maria Zvyagina playing the band's debut album song "Reaching My Last Haven" at Moscow Doom Festival, which can be seen as follows:



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