JorZine - HERA - Demo Song From New Album Online

HERA - Demo Song From New Album Online


Emirati one-woman Metal band HERA has posted a demo song titled "Unborn", taken from the band's upcoming album. The band's full length debut, whose title hasn't been announced yet, will contain 9 tracks. All the instruments and vocal parts have been recorded by Heidi (Huwaida) Habib, the band's mastermind.


You can listen to "Unborn" clicking HERE



Heidi Habib commented about the song: "[I] Had a BLAST recording this one particularly programming the drums! Music's the ultimate world gift providing musicians & artists a platform to channel those unspoken experiences and emotions. I hope my messages reach out and touches everyone in their own interpretation as life never tells you what it has in store for you."

Heidi Habib also commented about the album: "The album’s gone into a completely different direction, it started off in Arabic only but now I’m experimenting with different tools & relaxing borders; linguistically, musically & technically. It was a challenge as the album mirrors a substantial, questioning part of my life that took tremendous courage to allow for it to be exposed. First phase of recording the demos took place in my home and are now done. [For] phase 2 I will be travelling to Paris to record the final product – where the real FUN begins!

Every ambitious musician or artist wants to bring out the most in themselves. The process has indefinitely taken over a year and I’m confident it’ll be as progressive as the journey taken to make this CD come to life!"

Other demo tracks from HERA's upcoming album can be heard clicking HERE


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