JorZine - AZOOMA - Upcoming EP Details Revealed

AZOOMA - Upcoming EP Details Revealed


Iranian Death metallers AZOOMA have revealed some details from their debut EP entitled "A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster". The EP, which is composed of 6 tracks, will be released on 15th June through the Spanish label Xtreem Music. "A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster" was mixed and mastered by Iranian producer Ehsan Imani in Mixter Blaze Studio and will be available on both CD and in digital format. The artwork was designed by Shahryar Shervin and can be seen below.


The band has posted a song from the EP titled "Encapsulated Delusion", which can be heard clicking HERE





1. Preface
2. Chapter I: Self-Inflected
3. Chapter II: Eridanus Supervoid
4. Chapter III: Encapsulated Delusion
5. Chapter IV: Gyrocompass
6. Appendix



AZOOMA frontman Shahin Vaqfipour stated the following regarding the concept of the EP: “We really like the idea of telling a story throughout this EP, we want each song to be unique but all of them to relate to each other and complete each other. We wanted to create something new and at the same time, staying true to the roots of Death Metal and its traditions.

“A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster” is about a normal person who seems to be a victim of the situations he is in, but eventually it becomes clear that if the conditions are right, he can turn into the monster which he thinks he is a victim of. It’s the nature of mankind. If he has the opportunities, he can turn into something evil which he thinks he would never be and do some vicious deeds. Everyone has this potential, but the true power and purity is not to let this nature, this essence grow.”

Regarding the artwork, the band's frontman commented: “Shahryar Shervin the one who does the artwork, is a great talented person. He spent so much time with the band during the process of making this EP, discussing the ideas and he really understood and discovered what was on our minds and his work reflects what we want to say visually. We really appreciate what he did on the artwork.”


The band recently shared a live and footage documentary of its participation on Persian Metal Festival 2013, which took place in Georgia last October. On the video, some excerpts of the upcoming EP can be heard. You can watch it clicking HERE


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