JorZine - ARAMAIC - New EP Details Revealed

ARAMAIC - New EP Details Revealed


The UAE-based Oriental Doom/Death Metal band ARAMAIC has revealed some details of its upcoming EP titled "The Fallen". The EP has been recorded in Haven Studio in Dubai, UAE by Hadi Sarieddine (BENEVOLENT, SVENGALI). The artwork was designed by MHD Graphics.





1- The Fallen
2- The Pledge
3- The Summoning



The band started when the friends Michael Al Asmar and Fadi Al Shami gathered and started jamming on 2010, after few sessions the chemistry was undeniable and the result was some very interesting ideas. The band was joined by Serge who was part of the song writing process. The band's name came from the Ancient Arameans who lived in the region where the bands musicians hail from, with their very rich mythology as they worshipped Assyro-Babylonian gods.


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