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MEKANIK - New Video Online


Turkish Heavy/Thrash metallers MEKANIK have shot a new video for the song "Diktatör". The song is taken from the band's upcoming album titled "Tanrının Günlüğü", which follows up its debut album “Kitlesel Depresyon”.


You can watch "Diktatör" video clicking HERE



MEKANIK was founded by Caner Öner (bassist) and Cem Ceyhan (vocalist/guitarist) in 2011. Later, they are joined by Erhan Ballıeker on drums and Ahmet Akyüz on lead guitar. They started with the cover songs mainly from the early US Thrash Metal era. They have been doing live performances on a regular basis and they made more than 100 live shows during this period. With the start of 2012, the band decided to write their own songs and focused on creating their own style.


Their first album “Kitlesel Depresyon” was released through Karalama Müzik and included 10 songs of old school Thrash Metal. The main distinction of the band comes from their lyrics; this is one of the rare Thrash Metal releases with all its lyrics in Turkish.


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