JorZine - AMADEUS AWAD'S EON - New Album's Title Track Demo Online

AMADEUS AWAD'S EON - New Album's Title Track Demo Online


Lebanese Progressive Metal act AMADEUS AWAD'S EON has posted a demo of Cisco 000-010the new album's title track. The song 700-039 exam features Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X), Kevin Moore (OSI, ex-DREAM THEATER), John Macaluso (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARK...) and Dan Veall as guests.000-009 exam


You can listen to "The Book Of Gates" demo clicking HERE



"The Book Of Gates" started as a collaborative project between guitarist Amadeus Awad and vocalist Elia Monsef (OSTURA), resulting in a Heavy Progressive album with oriental elements never heard before. Apart from the previously mentioned guest musicians, the album also features North American vocalist Amanda Somerville (AINA, TRILIUM, AVANTASIA), Tunisian keyboardist Elyes Bouchoucha (MYRATH) and Finnish guitarist Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIOUS, AVALON) as guests.


The album launch, which was supposed to take place on the first months of 2014, had to be delayed until further notice. As the band's mastermind Amadeus Awad told JorZine on a recent interview : "[it has been] a freaking logistic nightmare; we went to hell and back to make it happen! Just imagine writing all the songs and arranging them, contacting all the artists [...], get their approval, send them the songs, working closely with them [...] and convince your perfectionist self that it is all sounding exactly the way you wanted and even better!! And in the middle of all that you have a dispute with the drummer of the project and you are left with no drums! Finding another drummer who is suitable for the style and who is free to record and fixing all this up was really a huge nightmare".

When asked about when will the album be released, Awad commented: "You will not like “Soon enough” as an answer. Just let me tell you [...] that we are closer than ever. I know how frustrating this is for our fans who waited all this while, but hey IT IS worth it. [...] the best is being done, the very very best, and you will have a copy of this album on your desk sooner than you expect it."

You can read JorZine's interview with Amadeus Awad on its entirety clicking HERE


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