JorZine - THE HOURGLASS - Announce Concept Album Trilogy

THE HOURGLASS - Announce Concept Album Trilogy


Syrian Heavy metallers THE HOURGLASS have announced that they are currently working on a concept album trilogy called "Gods And Warriors Of The Fertile Crescent". The band has announced that the first album will be called "Canaan", the second "Mesopotamia" and the third one "Syria".


Regarding "Canaan", the band has announced that it will be focused on the myths and stories of ancient Canaan, specially on Ugarit myths and stories of Phoenicia and Aram, like the "Baal Cycle", "The Epic of Aqhat", "Queen Elissar and Hannibaal", "The Siege of Tyre", etc...


The trilogy's second album "Mesopotamia" will focus on the ancient Mesopotamian myths, such as "Gilgamesh", "Enuma Elish" (the Babylonian creation story), "Nebuchadnezzar", "The Code of Hammurabi" and other myths and warriors.


The third album will focus on Syria during the Hellenistic and Roman eras, featuring old stories such as "Zanobia", "Queen Mawia", "Eunus of Aphamia" and many others.



Guitarist and founder Rawad Abdel Massih stated on the band's Facebook Page: "This is a very long term plan, so we will focus on "God And Warriors Of The Fertile Crescent - Part I: Canaan". We will use scrpts of those ancient myths and I will share some with you on the page. We are talking here about the history of the Levant [from] 2000-322 B.C., so the songs will be epic, and the lyrics will be very interesting. And according to the budget, international artists could join making this album.

Logically, I should start with "Mesopotamia" before "Canaan", becaise it is an older mythology (2000 years older), but I guess because I'm Syrian and because of all the shit that happened to Iraq, I couldn't visit Iraq until today, [so] that's why I'm more attached to the Canaanite mythology more than the Mesopotamian. But still they are very similar mythologies and both were hugely influential in creating the first monolith religion, Judaism".


Rawad Abdel Massih was recently interviewed by Syrian film director Monzer Darwish, as part of his upcoming documentary called "Syrian Metal Is War". In this documentary, the Syrian Metal movement is addressed through the war that struck Syria in 2011 and is still ongoing to this very day. It identifies with both musicians and fans of Metal in Syria and features their stories in a simple and flowing dialogue focusing only on the music and struggles, regardless of any orientations.


You can watch a trailer of "Syrian Metal Is War" clicking HERE


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