JorZine - AZOOMA - Sign Deal With Xtreem Music, New EP Announced

AZOOMA - Sign Deal With Xtreem Music, New EP Announced


Iranian Death Metal warriors AZOOMA have just signed a worldwide contract with the Spain-based label Xtreem Music. As a result, the band will be releasing their debut EP, entitled "A Hymn of the Vicious Monster" in both digital and CD formats during summer 2014, while the band is already working on their debut album for 2015.



Guitarist Ahmad Tokallou commented: "This is what we have been waiting for and it is not only because of our hard work, but also the help from some great and kind friends, who are invisible to others but shared their mighty energy and kindness with us... Xtreem Music is a great label, and this encourages us and give us more hope to go forward… you will hear more from AZOOMA!".

"It's one of the best things that can happen for an artist to co-operate with a good and reliable company such as Xtreem Music", drummer Saeed Shariat says. "I have a good feeling about it and we hope to satisfy Metal heads more… Just wait for our EP, it will make necks ache!".

Dave Rotten, president of Xtreem Music and main man of legendary Spanish Death Metal band AVULSED stated the following: "The very first time I heard AZOOMA, I was extremely surprised by their combination of sheer brutality and technical skills at the same time as their EP sounds really heavy with a great production. I'm running the label since 1990 and this is the very first band from Middle East that I decided to sign. They have the right attitude and overall… they sound fucking great!! Hopefully AZOOMA will help to break barriers for other good bands in these countries where extreme Metal isn't that popular".


The band recently shared a live and footage documentary of its participation on Persian Metal Festival 2013, which took place in Georgia last October. On the video, some excerpts of the upcoming EP can be heard. You can watch it clicking HERE


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