JorZine - VIN SINNERS - New Album Released

VIN SINNERS - New Album Released


Dubai-based rockers VIN SINNERS have released their new album titled "A Mighty Black Box". The album, which is out through Universal Music India, is composed of 13 tracks spanning over 75 minutes of music and features the legendary Blaze Bayley (ex-IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE, BLAZE) as guest vocalist on the track "Open The Box", as well as many other artists.


"A Mighty Black Box" is available on the main online music outlets, such as iTunes and Flipkart, as well as at most of India's music stores.


A preview of VIN SINNERS' new album can be heard clicking HERE




01 - Open The Box
02 - Go For It
03 - Hard Slave Driver
04 - Make Me Feel Real
05 - Uglier Side Of Me
06 - Hail Ya Sinners Part II
07 - Journey
08 - Worlds Of A Difference
09 - Pill
10 - Dunno Why You'd Care
11 - Falling Away
12 - Kingdom Come
13 - On The Road


"A Mighty Black Box" follows up the band's debut "An Element of Surprise". Their debut, which was released in December 2011, was well received in the Middle East and in India, making it to the Top of Indie charts and paving the way for a successful tour in India in February 2013.

In other news, the band has recently announced that they are putting together some concerts to promote the new album. As it was stated on the band's Facebook Page, they will be touring India on April and May.


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