JorZine - SEAL OF SOLOMON - New Album Released

SEAL OF SOLOMON - New Album Released


Turkish Melodic/Symphonic Death metallers SEAL OF SOLOMON have released their new album titled "I The King". The album, which follows up the band's debut EP "Time of the Arrallu", has been released through the Italian label WormHoleDeath Records.

"I The King" is available on the main online music outlets, such as iTunes or Amazon





01. Retribution
02. I the King V2
03. Vengeful Oration
04. The Lesser Key
05. Providence
06. Time of the Arallu
07. Ars Almadel
08. A Leader's Indignation
09. Invocation
10. Story of a Prophet



Two teaser videos from "I The King" can be seen clicking HERE and HERE


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