JorZine - ULVER - Pull Out Of Maryland Deathfest, Cancel Russian Show

ULVER - Pull Out Of Maryland Deathfest, Cancel Russian Show


It seems like the Maryland Deathfest XII will not be graced by the performance of the Norwegians Ulver. The band was forced to cancel the upcoming show in Moscow in April and the performance at Maryland Deathfest due to health problems with one of its members. 


Ulver issued the following statement: "We regret to inform you that for the second time in our live-career we are obliged to cancel our most imminent shows. This includes the announced concert in Moscow (with orchestra) in April as well as the Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore in May. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and/or disappointment this may be for some, but the time is simply not right for us.

"We just got home from a shorter tour of Europe and have been advised by the doctors to take it easy, for the time being, due to unexpected health concerns. We feel that it would be irresponsible to proceed with these big shows now that visas and flights etc. are about to go through and high costs are about to be incurred on promoter's end - as we are simultaneously undergoing medicals, waiting for verdicts etc. - not quite knowing if things will be better or worse by the time these concerts would have taken place.

"Instead of a potential last minute pullout we have decided to withdraw now - before any real damage is done - and focus on getting out of the woods. We apologize to both of the promoters and the people who were looking forward to these concerts. Cross our fingers and hope to return at a later stage."


Source: Metalstorm.


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