JorZine - BROOD OF HATRED - New Album Trailer Online

BROOD OF HATRED - New Album Trailer Online


Tunisian Death metallers BROOD OF HATRED have posted a trailer of their upcoming album titled "Skinless Agony". The album will be released through the Norwegian label Crime Records on 10th March. "Skinless Agony" will be the band's first full length album, following up the a single titled "Cacophony in the Creation" and "New Order of Intelligence EP", both released in 2012.


You can watch "Skinless Agony" trailer clicking HERE





1. Deconstruction
2. The mind that Emerged
3. Technological Genocide
4. Cacophony In The Creation
5. The singularity is near
6. Skinless Agony
7. Predestined Suicide
8. Obsession
9. Disbelief Grows



"Skinless Agony" is available for pre-orders clicking HERE


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