JorZine - SARACENS - New Album Announced

SARACENS - New Album Announced


Tunisian Oriental metallers SARACENS have announced a new album titled "The Eyes of Truth". The album, which is currently being recorded, is due to be released throughout this year. It will include 11 songs with lyrics about the Arab Spring from different angles, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the American political, the religious extremism and the war against terrorism.


"The Eyes of Truth" artwork can be seen as follows:





01. Intro
02. Blind siding with Evil (Reign of Mediocracy Part I)
03. Proxy War (Reign of Mediocracy Part II)
04. Derailed hope (Reign of Mediocracy Part III)
05. Kingdom of Delusion
06. Fanciful foe
07. Caravan to light ..
08. Exacerbated cancer
09. Saint Martyr
10. Kneeling Head
11. Wein al Malayin (Cover of Julia Boutross)



"The Eyes of Truth" follows up the band's self produced debut demo called "Hegemonic Plots", which was released in April 2009.


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