JorZine - ODIOUS - New Album Details Revealed

ODIOUS - New Album Details Revealed


Egyptian Oriental Black metallers ODIOUS have revealed to some details from their upcoming album titled "Skin Age". The album, which follows up their debut "Mirror of Vibrations", was recorded in Greece in Devasoundz Studios. Basem Fakhry, vocalist and founder of the band, told MetalSoundscapes that there will be many changes compared to their first full-length, but he assures that “Skin Age” will still be on the heavy and dark side. He added that they have now a more Black Death Metal oriented sound, while they also cooperated with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.



The band has also revealed the tracklist of "Skin Age", which can be seen as follows:


1. Crown of Centuries
2. Crystal Clear
3. Hot Blood Fumes
4. All the Evidence
5. AlZar
6. Dungeon Keys
7. New Mystery
8. A Picture of Dead Art



In other news, ODIOUS are currently looking for a guitarist to jam with and work on originals. The band was recently joined by drummer Tzortzis Boulos, who according to Basem Fakhry, has added his own touch to the music.


More information about "Skin Age" will be revealed soon.


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